Short Story about Custom Domain Name

I have finally subscribed a domain for this blog, triggered by an ads-tweet from my ex-colleague about hosting and domain name.

First name came to mind is I have been naming almost all of my computers I've ever used with this name. And then the domain has been taken (of course), since it's a hero name of a very famous Japanese classic story. But actually they are giving it up (not sure why because I can't read Japanese). So this name is actually available for auction. But I don't think I need a domain name that special for just these simple writings.

img source:
And then second name came to mind is, and still this name is taken, for some kind of kindergarten website, I guess? And they messed up the encoding style, all those Japanese characters are displayed with ISO-8859-1.

And voila, is available. This name is special for me, because I was having a lot of troubles in remembering body parts name in Biology lesson more than a decade back. And until yesterday, I never realized that all this time I've been misspelling this kidney's component. has also came to mind but due to pricing, I've also given up this one. Since ".com" is the most common suffix for domains, it shouldn't be that bad I supposed.

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Jim Stanis said...

Hey! I did this illustration and the site you got it from used it without my permission! I don't mind you displaying this on you blog but at least give me credit!

Momotaro said...

Hi Jim, I appologize for that, I didn't know that this is your image because I took it from another website.

mtom said...

have you seen those Thriller Video with the prison inmates, geez those are very nice’ Premium Domains

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SEO Expert said...

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Anonymous said...

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