Replacing the Battery of Macbook Pro Mid 2010

My old Macbook Pro that I have been using since Jan 2011 has never had a good battery life since a few years ago. It might be because I have been abusing it with dual boot or I never care to unplug it from the power.

I wish there is a free app for OS X that could automatically stop the power in some scheduled time so that the battery is always exercised to charge and discharge. I know there is an application that does exactly this sort of thing on Lenovo Thinkpad called ThinkPad Power Management.

Changing a Macbook Pro's battery is very simple, what you need are only a replacement battery, a plus screwdriver, and a tri-wing screwdriver. First, shut down the MacBook and then unscrew all the screws off the back lid using a plus screwdriver. Lift the lid and don't be surprised with the amount of dust that has accumulated there.

Next, just unscrew the 2 screws on the battery with a three-wing screwdriver. Then, unplug the socket to disconnect the battery from the laptop, which should be easy if it's picked from the correct angle. Lift the battery and then install a new replacement battery there.

It takes less than 10 minutes and would save you 2 trips to Apple Care, not to mention the days where the laptop has to stay with them.

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