Some Facts About Programmer

Now I worked in another software company, so I think I am granted the right to comment about the job of a programmer.

As a programmer, actually:

  • When you afraid that "changing something" will get the code not working anymore, you are in trouble, get another job.
  • Learn for keyboard shortcuts to increase convenience, e.g. shortcut to build, run, delete a line, duplicate a line, etc. Make the process as simple as possible.
  • When you think that the way you are doing things isn't quite efficient, it's wasting your time, change it now, whatever it takes.
  • Learn to type with ten fingers, it might help.
  • Make yourself clear with some important programming terminology.
  • The most important, code tidily, stick with the convention, and be consistent! Give exact name for exact method, exact name for exact variable. Use English.
  • Don't mess around.
  • Whatever happened today, or yesterday, how small the possibility it will happen, it will happened again in the future.
  • Do not mess with long procedures, or big classes. Make it as readable as possible. When things go too long, break them into small things.

And most importantly:
  • Always remember that anything is possible, anything... It just depends on you, are you willing to stop a while, and think for a better solution or not. Are you willing to be busy today, so you have many spare time tomorrow?
  • Never put up with inconvenience. If it's something that will be done repeatedly, always spend the necessary amount of effort to make it easy. For example, write a script, or keep a copy of template for similar tasks in the future.

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