Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Since very long ago, ppl has invented wheel. The wheel are made round, because the inventor had tried so many shapes and by the end of the day, he decided that round is the best shape to move things.

Here is a summary of Futurama's episode, my favorite cartoon all the time.

Mom is the founder of the largest robot factory in 3000. Once on the Mother's day, she activated the signal to all of the robots to rebel to human kind. In the future, everything use robots. So, ppl cannot live at all without robots.

Mom's sons go over the plan: Mom will be in a cabin in the Bronx. They have a precious non-computerized map to find their way, but they're not sure how to get there without a hovercar. Fry tries to explain an old invention called The Wheel. He builds a wooden cart with oval wheels.

Leela: Wouldn't it work better if the wheels were round?
Fry: It's my invention, we do it my way! 

Fry lugs them to Mom's cabin.

I applied this story as: "don't re-build your own library, use one that has been built and stable".

The author of the library might have spent so many hours to design, write and test the library. Bugs have been reported and fixed. People requested for enhancements that are applicable to them. It might be as well wise to contribute to the library (if it's open source), by adding features that it doesn't have yet. Other people might need it too, and they will be so thankful to you.

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