Spoon, Pan, Kitchen, and Carte

Maybe you get confused with the title, how pantry things can get connected with geek stuff? As we know, geeks don't cook. Well, I mean generally. If I said all geeks don't cook, geeks that can cook well will get angry with me.
Literally these are a group of open source softwares from Pentaho. And what those software can do really don't have any connection with kitchen at all. I don't know why the creator give the name like that. Maybe they like cooking.
I have no idea what Spoon, Pan, and Carte can do. But today I tried Spoon and I admit that Spoon is cool!! With Spoon, we can easily transform data from one input source to another output source. Input could be database, text file, excel sheet, XML files, etc. The same rule applies for output source. Not only this, we can also do some scripting, mappings, lookups, joining, etc. In a simple word you can easily migrate data from an excel file to a database easily, which is what I really need today to import hundred thousands rows of excel data to the database.
I know this application from a former colleague last year. He was telling me about how he migrated his web application from version 1 to version 2. I recalled he said that the migration wouldn't have successfully done well without Spoon.

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