Yahoo Messenger Import Contact Feature

Apparently a few years ago I've made a silly mistake to have something I don't like in my yahoo ID. So last Friday I managed to migrate that account to another account with a better name. As I've been using it for so many years, I had around 200 contacts. Sure I thought manually adding them to the new account will be a painful thing to do. Later I found a way to do that in an engineered way.

Here's what I did. First I exported my address book to a CSV file, and later import it to the new account. And then I login to the yahoo messenger and use the "Import Contact" feature. And voila .... Some contacts were imported and some were not. So, I just imported them once again and it surely became a mesh. I just got very upset and delete everything which made it worse than ever.

Currently I just couldn't add any contact at all with that new account. When I try to add contacts in Yahoo Messenger, after 40 seconds, a message appears as : "Your request to add a contact has taken longer than expected to complete. The Operation may have succeeded. Please check your Messenger List later."

Tried with Trillian, Pidgin, E-buddy, or whatever IM existed which I knew. Now I'm too tired to try and honestly I don't know what to try anymore. Tomorrow I'll just use the new account anyway and hope the contacts would pop up anyway.

Later I checked on the Google and some people said that it's suggested that we only add 5 contacts at a time, and later logout from Yahoo Messenger, and login again, and proceed to add another 5 contacts. Actually something crossed on my mind when I read this. Yeah sure they have made a limit, unless so people would be spamming around. BUT, why did they provide the import contact feature anyway ????? Or maybe I've just misused it ?? Anyone has experience migrating account ??

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