Simulation Game: Sim Tower

So, last week I meet a friend and discovered that we were playing the same game on our childhood. I don't remember exactly when I started playing this game but I'm pretty sure that it was at elementary school because we played with Windows 3.1. At that time there was no Internet and my brother kind of copied the game from his friend who bought it from somewhere (maybe?). I had a nice childhood with computer especially computer games and I'm sure it also caused my eyesight problem.

It's quite fascinating when I tried to play again this game yesterday, my laptop's CPU clock is way too fast for the game, it's 100 times faster than the original speed. Consider that the game was built on 1994 at that time maybe CPU frequency was mere something above or under 32MHz I guess ? To play this game the CPU clock has to be turned down.

This game is quite simple compare to another simulation games like Sim City or Sim Town so I guess its target players are originally some younger kids. 2 years later they released a sequel of this game called Yoot Tower which was much improved than Sim Tower, but it's still ESA protected which means that it can't be downloaded legally.

For anyone who are interested here are the download links:
Sim Tower The Vertical Empire
Speedswitch XP

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