Eclipse Plugins - KBS File Colored Editor plus CSV Colored Editor

So I'm in this new company working with a framework called Selectica which is mainly dealing with KBS files. I wonder why everybody's eyes are so great looking at those plain Textpad screens without any color at all.

So I managed to get one, by searching around on the Internet and turns out that this framework is such unpopular that nobody cares to create a colored editor. Finally I came to this Eclipse plugin: Color Editor

Later I modified something inside, added functionality for KBS and CSV file support, and it works! Well, not so perfectly works, but at least it's colored.

Since the editor is an open source project, meaning it's free for modification and distribution, if you're also looking for the same thing, you can download it from:

Version 2.6.2:
9th July 2010
- CSV file supports
- Added more keywords for kbs

Installation step is easy. For Eclipse 3.2:
1. Copy jar file to eclipse plugins folder
2. Restart Eclipse
3. Try open a KBS file, if file is still displayed as plain text editor, proceed to step 4
4. Open Windows | Preference | File Association
5. Add *.kbs extension, and Syntax Color Editor as default editor.

For Eclipse 3.3 or above, copy jar file to eclipse dropins folder, I'm not sure it will work, but you can just try.

I'll continue working on the patterns to make it more perfect and post it here again whenever there is a significant enhancement. Because this KBS file is so unique, it's something like a semi-XML file. What make it difficult to be mapped is that it's not very strict in terms of using < > as a tag. Normally in XML, <> is not permitted inside a tag. But here it happens which make it looks like some mathematics equations.

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