Toyota Commercial - Jean Reno as Doraemon

A bit OOT but Doraemon is my childhood favorite cartoon, so here we go, 3 parts, with English translation.

Shizuka: What are we going to be when we're adults?
Suneo: A rich man!
Takeshi: I want to be a singer.
Shizuka: How about Nobita?
Nobita: It seems like I don't have any dream.
Doraemon: What? You don't have any dream at all?
Nobita: I want to go out with Sizhuka with a car!!!!
Takeshi: Nobita want to drive a car.....
Nobita: What are you guys laughing at!! There's nothing wrong with that!!
Takeshi: You're just a Nobita what are you arrogant about!!
[20 years later]
Takeshi: I'm really an idiot ~~~ a big idiot ~~~
[Nobita 30 years old]
Nobita: yeah really an idiot
Takeshi: What did you say?
Nobita: Nnnothing... Thank you for the ride, Takeshi...
Takeshi: Apparently just a Nobita
(Nobi Nobita, 30 years old, still single)

Sizhuka: It's been so long since the last time playing with Nobita
Nobita: But bad things happen when we go out and play.
Nobita: We're late ~~~~~~~
Nobita: We're lost ~~~~~~~
Nobita: Hot hot ~~~~~ so hot ~~~~~
Shizuka: Nobita... I still have to attend the violin class ...
Suneo (coming out of nowhere): Let me give you a ride!
Shizuka: Suneo, it's Suneo!
Suneo: Oh? So you don't drive??? Bye bye
Nobita: Damn it.... I can't let it go... Does it mean that you can do everything when you have a car?
Nobita: Doraemon!
Doraemon: Long time no see Nobita.
Nobita: Give me a car!!
Doraemon: I won't
Nobita: Why?
Doraemon: You don't have a driver license.
Nobita: Driver license ....

Nobita: Oh no!! Suneo is going out with Shizuka again!!
Nobita: Oh no!! I don't want a future like this!!
Doraemon: Nobita, I can't give you a car, but...
Doraemon: Anywhere door!!!!!
Doraemon: Can go to the beach in a moment.
Nobita: I've known this a few hundreds years ago.
Takeshi: What!! An empty can!!
Nobita: Giant!
Takeshi: What are you doing!! You think I'm an idiot?
Doraemon: If you want to hang out with Sizhuka ~ use this ~
Doraemon: Bamboo flyer!!!
Nobita: I don't want to rely on tools anymore!! I want to learn driving with my own effort!!
Nobita: Let's go to the showroom first! Bring out the anywhere door!
Doraemon: But you said you don't want to rely on tools ...
Nobita: Don't be mean..
Nobita: uuuuuuuuuuuuuu....

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Mark said...

This is hilarious!