Book Review: Your Money - The Missing Manuals

Right after reading the first chapter of Your Money: The Missing Manual, you might think that it mainly and only talks about frugality. You are right, it's all about frugality. But there's actually much more inside of it. I like how the author explains about the relationship between money and us. And also the way he tells things by using himself as an example.

I actually skipped a few chapters of it because they are not (yet) applicable for me. The chapter I found most useful is the one about budgeting. I have been keeping track of money since a few years ago, but I have never been really using it to conclude anything.

This book actually reminds me about an old funny Hongkong movie I used to like a lot: Frugal Game (2002). Someone actually uploaded this movie in several parts to Youtube, but unfortunately there is no subs and it talks Cantonese.

Back to the main topic, I would say that you won't find anything "heavy" inside this book since he's not inventing any new theory. But this is a nice book to start with if you think that financial security lead an important rule in our life.

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