Browsers Add-ons


WOT gives warning whenever we are about to enter websites with bad reputations, rated by the community. WOT categorises those bad websites as either: scam, phishing, adult content, illegal, Malwares/viruses. 


I totally understand that ads is a way to gain traffic and customers. But I sincerely prefer to not have flashy adult site ads, or promotions that actually requires you to do sacrifice for them before they will give you a piece of cake. So go ahead and install this Adblock add-on.

Google Translate

This is especially useful for someone who is living in a foreign country. You might be thinking that English is an international language and most websites must have the option for English. This is partially true because some websites are not multi-lingual and even if they do, some of the times it sucks. Here it is: for Firefox, and for Chrome.

XPath Helper

It might be out of topic, but I found this useful for web application development. XPath Helper also gives a console where we can test Xpath command, and it also displays HTML element inspect and another couple of useful things.

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